About Us


Who are we?

We are a family run bespoke gifts business based in Nottinghamshire. Our team is made up of a web developer, a crafter and an opinionated teenager Oh and don’t forget the ginger cat. We also have 2 awesome part time team members who work with us to get your orders out super quick. Beespoked was created when we came back to the UK after a stint living in Bangkok. Emma was itching to do something crafty again and this time we decided to do it together.

Meet the team

Emma | Owner

Emma is a crafty sole. She has painted, glued and packaged her way through a couple of successful small businesses. She is now the designer, printer, and message answerer of Beespoked. She loves chocolate, music and gin. She dislikes getting up early, washing up and suffers from trypophobia!.

Lee | Volunteer

Lee is the part timer who doesn't get paid. He takes care of all the techy stuff. He has over 10 years experience in the world wide web sector, a skill which has been invaluable setting up Beespoked. He still has a (very important) day job so he does bits when he can. He’s a perfectionist who loves Rugby, a good curry and Back to the future. He's also never wrong (this is wrong! He is wrong ….a lot!)

Tilly the Teenager | Very Part Time Assistant

Tilly puts the clips on the pens whilst moaning about it. Tilly puts the return labels on the envelopes whilst moaning about it. Tilly helps the oldies understand social media, how it works and what to do when it wont load. She loves Twenty one Pilots (you will only know who they are if you are under 30!), anime and sitting in her bedroom She dislikes having to converse with people.

Judith | Part Time Assistant

Judith is the star of the show. She is the packer, postage buyer, label sticker and post bag sorter of the company. She blasts through orders like a terminator! Judith loves horses and chocolate but not at the same time, she's tried, it doesn't work!

Derek | Part Time Assistant

Derek takes the prints and lines them up on the blank whiteboards and then uses the very hot heat presses to actually make your planner. He is banished to the outside workshop most of the time. He gets let back in at Christmas though as he is also the packer of baubles. He love darts, both watching and playing, eating anything sweet and his granddaughter.

Edward the cat | Motivator / Helper

I am Edward the ginger cat. I used to live in the fields and then one day I found this family, they seemed ok and they gave me food. I'm not really interested in anything other than eating and sleeping. I like food. I dislike people, boxes (I know!) loud noises, other cats, carrier bags, ladders, gates, carrots, people, pens, collars, dogs, people, cars, vets, hoovers, people, rain and people.